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We’ve Got a Secret…




It’s time we let you all in on something we’ve been keeping under wraps for sometime… something big. MUTE Fridays has been keeping this secret from everyone, waiting for the right time to own up to our actions… and that time is now.

MUTE Fridays has been secretly recording and stockpiling the hottest dj mixes and live performances to grace MUTE Fridays’ sound system and we’ve decided to start leaking these EXCLUSIVE mixes out on a regular basis via

First on deck in the LIVE @ MUTE Fridays series is Chris Santiago with a bangin’ set recorded live on Jan 23, 2009.

Chris’ history in the scene goes way back, getting his hands dirty in everything from hardcore gabber, to trance, techno, electro, jungle, house… always studying world class dj’s and producers abroad from San Francisco, Chicago, Detroit, New York, Rio, Rotterdam, Paris and more to find and drop the newest and funkiest sounds from all over the world. He has now decided to work his magic on the decks and give us a preview of his projects to come in 2009.

Take a listen and see what you are missing at MUTE FRIDAYS!!!

Chris Santiago – Live @ Mute Fridays Jan 23, 2009
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