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Coachella Shook Us Up

So everyone went out to the desert this past weekend for a little thing called Coachella. Some people wandered out there with no tickets and nowhere to stay and were able to have an awesome time. We had tickets and a place to stay but just wandered around the whole time. We helped with the Music Loves Fashion party and that was our home base. But boy did all of us decide it was the right setting to replicate several moments from “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” We took too much took too much.
Sigur Ros always gets us to calm down. This track isn’t bad for a mash up you would never think would go together.

Sigur Ros and Mobb Deep Remix

We get back home and then decide to keep going. Monday night we went to go see The Presets at the Glass House where GMO was opening up for them and after 5 shots of tequila finally decided to go inside. For some greate pictures of our weekend troll another website because during all these adventures I never took out my camera once. Barely until today do I feel somewhat normal.

The Presets – Talk Like That (Miami Horror Remix)

The Presets – If I know you

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