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WiiSpray Project

Wii Spray was developed in the course of the “Information Places” project in the spring of 2007 by students Martin Lihs and Frank Matuse of the Media Department at the Bauhaus University Weimar. However, the original idea of the project was founded much sooner.

While doing an internship in Lisbon Martin Lihs met street and graffiti artist, “Target”. Martin developed an interest in the medium of graffiti and the following question came up: “Is it possible to create a tool that allows one or more people to interact creatively, independent of space and time?”

The answer was a creative experiment using standard Nintendo Wii technology, WiiFlash Server and Adobe Flash. The WiiSpray Project is not about replacing real graffiti as a form of art but instead is seen as an interface to give graffiti a new virtual level outside of the real existing world, through the symbiosis of digital and analog as well as of the social network aspect of overcoming distances. Everyone can use it, nothing is being sprayed on or being destroyed. Only you decide what to save because everything is virtual.

The WiiSpray project is not just a hardware interface but also a software. This software simulates the real act of spraying, offers a wide range of colors, different caps as well as the possibility to use your own backgrounds (photos, graphics, etc.).

WiiSpray Teaser from Martin Lihs on Vimeo.

via Hypebeast and WiiSpray

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