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You Don’t Know Money Like I Know Money…

Andrei Arshavin of Arsenal

This goes out to all the bandwagon, err I mean ‘hardcore’ NBA fans I seem to come across these days.

“The English Premier League and the NBA are exploring a marketing and commercial tie-up that would draw on the strengths of the world’s two most popular sports leagues as they expand into new international markets.”

“Representatives from the football and basketball organizations have met in London to discuss how they might work together. They have also compared notes on their respective media rights strategies – particularly in Asia, which is a huge and still largely untapped market for western sport.

David Stern NBA commissioner said: “We are unapologetic imitators. The Premier League’s ability to negotiate their [media] deals and the way they split their packages [of media rights]… is something we can learn from.”

The NBA is in the first year of a $7.4bn, eight-year deal with Walt Disney’s ESPN and ABC networks and Time Warner’s TNT channel.

The Premier League, by contrast, recently negotiated a new UK broadcasting deal with British Sky Broadcasting and Setanta worth £1.8bn ($2.8bn) over three years. It is also close to announcing a new international rights deal, with its current contract worth £650m.

“The Premier League has been a bit ahead of us,” Mr Stern said, pointing to the Russian, American and Middle Eastern investors that have bought into English clubs.

Story via FinancialTimes

Filed by chris santiago at June 8th, 2009 under BLOG

The above statement was made by a bitter american that realizes soccer not futbol belongs in europe!!!! LAKERNATION!!!!

Comment by Joseph — June 8, 2009 @ 8:09 pm

The reply above was made by a misguided american that does not realize beating a team from your own country does not make you a World Champion.

Comment by chris santiago — June 8, 2009 @ 11:12 pm

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