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God gave us rhythm


Do you recognize that sound? That’s the heartbeat… the natural rhythm we’ve all had from day one, and the same rhythm that drives me. Deep. Seductive. Nurturing.

House is a feeling… so go ahead and get yo’ feel on.

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Chris Santiago live July 3, 2009

Track Listing:
1. Girlfriend is Better – Talking Heads
2. Cubicle City – Korin Ladke
3. I Don’t Need it Nice – Junkbox Edit
4. My Synthesizer Won’t Behave – George Cochrane (Luke Solomon Dark Mix)
5. I Remember – Nonfiction (Wally Callerio Dubtacular Mix)
6. U Aint Down – Ben Wah Edit
7. Vibin On – Smoke Walker
8. Jack Mau5 – Sunset Stylerz
9. I Don’t Like – Pauls Boutique
10. Some of that – Giom
11. Not Today – Filthy Pres.
12. Brain Funk – D-T3ch
13. Make it Hot – DJ Brickhouse
14. Looking for a Freak – Jack Bandit
15. Upside Yo Head – Crux of RTHM vs Forrest Avery and Derty D
16. Jack Wiv Me – Joey Ramirez
17. Dance Music Sexy Time – Korin Ladke
18. The Poison on my Mind – Starbuck Jones
19. Unity – Shitz n Gigglez
20. I Refuse – Joshua Heath & Inland Knights
21. Stepping Out – Candy Dealers (Frankie J mix)

*A big thank you goes out to Thomas Sahs who sent out some dope tracks that I was able to share with all of you! GANGSTA!

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