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I was lucky enough to come across THE CRUNKBOX, a blog run by Thomas Sahs and crew that has become a consistent source of music for me. If you downloaded my last set, wait.. of course you downloaded it! (this one) then you certainly heard some music I came across on his blog that really helped set the tone for the entire set. For those not familiar with Thomas, let me tell you… he’s got the funk.


He’s an accomplished dj and producer of house music and during the last three years he has been experimenting with other forms of music. His new signature project, Honey Claws is getting international mainstream attention. To keep it “street” Thomas developed the Junkbox (pictured above), a completely unique and modern form of djing. He has a chunky analog sound combined with the vast mash up of all types of new school disco, funk, house, techno, electro, pop and hip hop. All in key and on beat. You can expect to hear the same level of funk that you are used to but with new sounds that make your asses shake like big booty hoes!!! I last heard him at Dynagroove in LA in April and his set, which you can find here, was insane. In case you didn’t know, Thomas has re-located to beautiful New Zealand and the Crunkbox has become his way of staying in touch through his music, which as he puts it, “…has always been a great way for me to communicate with the rest of the world.”

MUTE97’s blog will have a weekly feature which will include links to the Crunkbox with NEW MUSIC DOWNLOADS posted weekly for FREE. Some of it is his own creation, some of it is from various crews, some from friends and some of it is straight pirated but re-sent to you so that you can enjoy it as much as we do. “Music is free now,” Thomas says. “Trust me, I make next to nothing off of it and I’ve been doing it for over 15 years.”

Thomas also hosts the JUNKBOX radio show on George FM in Auckland with Ben-Wah, which lucky for us on the US west coast airs on Sunday nights from 7pm – 9pm. If you’re feeling a bit down because Monday is around the corner, then this is the injection of life you need…

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