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Idle Warship

Idle Warship is a musical trio composed of Brooklyn emcee Talib Kweli, Philadelphia singer Res, and Canadian singer/rapper Graph Nobel. All three are talented in their efforts but often overlooked for more mainstream or pop focused artists. Talib Kweli is my favorite rapper ever. They have united to create Idle Warship.

“Idle Warship started as an idea to make a dance song for fun. It has since morphed into a full blown labor of love, with it’s own identity. We no longer control it.

Idle Warship is a vehicle of expression, it is a state of mind that creates art that is needed. It is not needed for the world, it is needed for the artist. It is selfish. It is egotistical. It is confused. It is human.

Pop stars, movie stars, celebuglies, this is what we worship. They are beyond royalty, we try to assign a divine quality to them. We prop them up and make sacrifices to them. There are always new deities screaming for our attention, and we dispose of our gods in grand fashion. We tear them to shreds and fight over the scraps like rats on a sinking ship. The Lauryn Hills, Britney Spears and Anna Nicoles of the world were once little girls with dreams. They seem crazy, but I say they are sane reactions to a crazy world.”

A few months ago they released a mixtape “Party Robots“. Download it.

Here is the video for “Bedroom Lites”

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