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Life holds true eloquence when we as a society are equipped with the right pair of eyes to view it as it should be seen. A society choosing to connect all parts of life in order to discover an intricate sum of it all. There are many simple pleasures of life such as music, food, travel, fashion, cinema, art, literature, love: simply put experiences.

Ralph Milan and Joseph Wilson embark on a new endeavor to establish an entertainment marketing company, again equipped with those right pair of eyes. Together they have formed MUTE 97, a collective of forward thinkers who will connect society to each other and challenges their clients to do the same. MUTE 97 promises to fetch the very essence of these life catalysts right out of style heaven.

Ralph and Joseph began their friendship in 1997 as seniors in high school. Amongst many friends with like minds and interests, they have traveled through out the world experiencing life through music, art, and countless mediums between. Together they have visited cities such as San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Paris, and London just to name a few: all considered cities enriched in cultural fusion. Such experiences have no doubt been an influence and brought them to join as an enterprise of cultural catalysts themselves. Now more than a decade later their bond remains as strong as ever in order to achieve a goal as MUTE 97. Ralph and Joseph both describe their philosophy as a mullet, business in the front and a party in the back. This mantra will keep their focus in tact as they step into a realm of a competitive marketing game. In an industry where companies now realize it takes more than commercials, radio, billboards, and all other common marketing strategies to secure their targets. MUTE 97 remains silent on their own terms but will focus on speaking loudly for any brand we represent.

When not conspiring to take over the marketing world, Ralph and Joseph can be found in their neighborhood speakeasy, at Proof in downtown Santa Ana. Together they have woven a consistent thread in the fabric of Orange County’s Friday night dance scene. For more than a year strong now they have managed to provide an eclectic dance ensemble known as MUTE. Hence, MUTE97 has been birthed from a union enriched in dance, art, experiences, fashion, again life. A lifestyle company embodied by the spirits of Andy Warhol and Hunter S. Thompson but with the street grime of the mafia. What is next for Mute97? Let us sit back, enjoy the silence, and watch the boys get their hands dirty.