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May 27, 2009

87 Stick Up Kids – Out 4 Fame EP

Get your browser in action and make sure you download the 87 Stick Up Kids EP.

They are riding a nice wave of solid tracks and remixes. A great one is a Peter, Bjorn, and John one of Nothing to Worry about. Maybe you will peeping them very soon for a second time out at Mute Fridays. In the mean time download the EP and watch the video.

Peter, Bjorn, and John – Nothing to worry about (Troublemaker Remix feat. Adam Tensta, U-N-I and The 87 Stick Up Kids)



The 87 Stickup Kids – Born to Role from Dia Creative on Vimeo

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May 26, 2009

Chubb Rock Treat Em Right

Chubb Rock was doing his thing back in the day when YO! MTV RAPS was in full effect. His track “Treat Em Right” has always been one of my favorite songs ever. Probably because I was a young kid watching my older cousins cruise around in their Mini Trucks or Nissan Sentra’s booming this out their systems.

The good thing about Chubb Rock is that he has been able to stay relevant in some regards in the hip hop rap game. He has an album dropping next month. Check out a classic video and then his new one.

New Track with WordSmith

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May 22, 2009

Ini Kamoze

Since I did that last post on “Da Stanky Leg” and “You’re a Jerk” it sent me down memory lane a little bit. This song isn’t about a dance, it’s just a one hit wonder. Ini Kamoze “Hot Stepper” he’s a lyrical gangster remember that. Just for good measure I am posting up some Kriss Kross to give you something to dance to.

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May 20, 2009


Hipster Runoff has always been a blog I stop by to read about music and enjoy some insight on what’s going on. About a week ago he dropped an interesting post called “FUCK EVERYTHING“. It captured my short attention span. It completely reminded me of a scene from the movie 25th hour. His is a hipster version. It’s a great post that has created so many comments and debate on his site. People have started remixing it and creating video’s for it.

I am sure if you listen to it or stop by to read the comments there is something that he says fuck to and that you will either agree with or at the very least be offended properly.

FUCK EVERYTHING by hipsterrunoff


The scene from 25th hour I was referring to.

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80six – Local Legend


(Click image to visit his myspace, add him!)

(Click image to visit the 80six myspace, add him!)

Allow me to introduce you to a 80six aka Edwin Diaz. 80six is a local legend from Anaheim! This guy showed me the ropes on the CDJs and gave me my first set of turntables. Not to mention hundreds of rare oldschool techno records. I used to work with 80six for a company in Irvine where he is an IT tech. So watch out, he’ll hack your shit! Edwin has played a lot of clubs up in Hollywood & LA (Avalon, Circus, Cinespace, Vanguard etc.) and has gained the respect of many in the techno/tech house scene. 80six has made a big move and has stepped out of the limelight a bit to really get a grasp on production, and my lord has he ever. Check out this awesome techno/tech house track we got from him.

80six – 223

Here’s a live recording of Edwin spinning at Plush last year. Check out the live effects, doing effects on the CDJs & the DJM 800 while mixing all at the same time.. THIS GUY IS CRAZY!

80six – Live @ Plush

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May 18, 2009


Following the success of the inaugural event last year, ART HK has emerged as the leading art fair in Asia. ART HK presents an unparalleled opportunity to see some of the freshest and most exciting work being produced around the world today, alongside modern masters from the 20th century.

ART HK 09 will once again bring together over 110 of the world’s most celebrated international galleries from 24 countries, building on Hong Kong’s long established reputation as the gateway between East and West.

check out much much more over at Arrested Motion

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You’re a Jerk and Da Stanky Leg. What’s worse?

I know I am probably late on this but have you heard the song “You’re a Jerk” or “Da Stanky Leg”? They are wack songs but are spawning all kinds of YouTube videos based off their dances. Here’s a UCLA crew who filmed themselves doing the dance for “You’re a Jerk”. Wonder if parent’s still think it’s money well spent.

Check YouTube for all the countless video’s and trash talking going on looking for the best people doing these dances. Like there is such a thing. What happened to all the good dances?? Like the cabbage patch, the smurf, robocop, roger rabbit or the hipster seizure?? Maybe I should hold a “Stanky Leg” vs. “You’re a Jerk” dance contest. Winner get’s a pair of Cross Colors overalls and a signed copy of Kriss Kross CD. Maybe you can find some video’s and post a link in the comments section or link to your own personal video. I would love that!!

Joseph is trying to become the fourth member of this dance crew!!

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May 17, 2009

Wilson’s Greatest Fall!

Today was the official first day of kickball practice for the MUTE97 team. Everyone was pumped up and then Wilson, the captain of the team, decided to take practice a little further when we arrived at the park. He wanted to lead the team in an obstacle course the minute he saw what looked like a circle of death. Being the captain he felt the need to go first to “show the boys how it’s done”.

I personally advise you to urinate before viewing the following video!

Wilson’s Greatest Fall!! from Joseph Wilson on Vimeo.

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Classixx x Summer is almost here

Cobrasnake teamed up with kitsune for a little compilation work. They dropped a video with a Classixx song featuring Jeppe. Watching it makes me completely appreciate that summer is almost here. It reminds me of a slow Sunday Funday.

I am also really into their Phoenix remix of Listzomania.
Phoenix – Listzomania (Classixx Version)

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May 15, 2009

Weezer cover MGMT and a Little Lady Gaga @ T-Mobile party

Great Video by Glennjam2

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