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April 23, 2009

Ed Banger 1 Security Guards 0

All the talk since Tuesday has been what went down at Cinespace with the Ed Banger/Daft Punk crew and a fight with security guards. Well I wasn’t there I took a 13 hour nap that day. Check out for all the pics and lowdown. I am pretty sure in this pic below there are a few of our good friends in that scuffle keeping the peace or not.

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“Dirty Hands: The Art & Crimes Of David Choe”

I find myself pulled towards everything “GONZO”. David Choe has A.D.D., clinical depression, bipolar disease, kleptomania, and gambling, and sexual addictions. Plus he spent a long stretch in a Japanese prison. All these issues might make people think he is an extremely talented artist but lives a savage lifestyle. Find out for yourself and watch his documentary. Dirty Hands will be part of the Newport Beach Film Festival. The film will be screened at 5:30pm on Friday, April 24th.

A good article to read about David Choe is here.

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April 22, 2009

Coachella Shook Us Up

So everyone went out to the desert this past weekend for a little thing called Coachella. Some people wandered out there with no tickets and nowhere to stay and were able to have an awesome time. We had tickets and a place to stay but just wandered around the whole time. We helped with the Music Loves Fashion party and that was our home base. But boy did all of us decide it was the right setting to replicate several moments from “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” We took too much took too much.
Sigur Ros always gets us to calm down. This track isn’t bad for a mash up you would never think would go together.

Sigur Ros and Mobb Deep Remix

We get back home and then decide to keep going. Monday night we went to go see The Presets at the Glass House where GMO was opening up for them and after 5 shots of tequila finally decided to go inside. For some greate pictures of our weekend troll another website because during all these adventures I never took out my camera once. Barely until today do I feel somewhat normal.

The Presets – Talk Like That (Miami Horror Remix)

The Presets – If I know you

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April 16, 2009

Win Tickets to The Faint and Ladytron!!

Next Friday, April 24th at MUTE FRIDAYS we will be holding ticket giveaways all night for The Faint and Ladytron show on Saturday April 25th @ The Grove in Anaheim. Be sure to email RSVP@MUTE97.COM in order to qualify for your chance at some free tickets!!!! ONE NAME PER EMAIL, so tell your friends to RSVP from their personal email address!!! Special guests for the night will be
Steve Ryback and Robbed By Robots, who will be slamming new tracks from his latest EP!

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April 13, 2009

Mr. Hudson and N.A.S.A. video killed the radio

Lately I have been posting more videos than actual tracks and that’s because I listen to songs and besides Phoenix right now nothing really stands out to me. These videos I am posting are good tracks but their videos make them even better. Video killed the radio!!

Give me some suggestions on some tracks that are standing solid on their own right now.

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You Can’t Time Timing…

Our good friend Ralph recently visited Thailand, and it so happens that he had really good timing! A few weeks prior to his arrival, protesters had occupied the airport and basically halted travel but had worked everything out by the time Ralph arrived. While there, everything was chill, but in the last few days tensions have flared severely.

Protests have forced the Thai government to cancel the 16-nation ASEAN talks on economic recovery and declare a state of emergency. The “red shirt” protesters call for the reinstatement of the former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra, who was ousted in 2006 and currently faces an arrest warrant for corruption.

Great timing Ralphie!

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April 8, 2009

GMO- Easter Egg Hunt Mix

GMO the beer swigging foul mouthed mack daddy has released a mix. It was inspired by his desire to meet hood rats and be a part of Power 106. His intentions were to create a mix perfect for the aqua net set. I think he accomplished it without a problem.

OK!! Now the truth about GMO.
If you really know GMO he is the nicest guy ever who never drinks and makes you want to be a better person. As always GMO has flawless mixing with a mix that needs to be immediately put on your IPOD. So listen up!! Catch him this week at MUTE Fridays and the day after Coachella opening up for THE PRESETS.


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Get Kronk’d Tonight!

South African illustrator Kronk’s Tree Huggr Dunny is being released tonight at 9pm PT at Only 1000 were made, with every 1 in 12 being ultra-rare and goes by Snowflake.

Kronk is a human being and designer/illustrator who is based in Cape Town, South Africa and likes to make dumb and pretty art. He is currently employed at Amicollective where he basically gets paid to doodle cool stuff for clients ranging from soft drink giants, major cell phone companies, cable TV networks and his dad. He drinks quite a lot of coffee and loves biltong, which is a South African delicatessen for those of you who don’t know. Every now and then he accidentally stumbles upon ideas that are conceptually relevant to the microcosms of people that exist in the current social environment. Did we mention that he also has a thing for drawing clouds and elusive creatures like Yetis? Kronk rarely sleeps, but when he does, he dreams about stuff that he wants to make. One could say he is in a perpetual cycle of creativity; it’s vicious, but he likes it.


via Kidrobot

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April 7, 2009

Nothing to Worry About

This is off the new Peter, Bjorn, and John album. I won’t lie. I thought maybe young folks is all they had in them. Looks like it wasn’t. The video for “Nothing to Worry About” is fantastic. This song is solid as well as a few other tracks on their album. Discover them for yourself.

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CLOT x Kazuki x Levi’s Platnium kzKLOT 505 Denim

I came across these bad boys via hypebeast and immediately wanted to book a flight to Hong Kong to try and score some.

A quick survey of Hong Kong’s many re-seller shops shows that it’s not hard to find the influence and visibility of the two collaborators at hand in this upcoming Levi’s Platnium kzKLOT 505 release. Both CLOT and Kazuki Kuraishi have had a dominating effect on the fashion scene throughout much of Asia, as their items are often hotly contested and accompanied by intense price mark-ups and line-ups. Focusing the attention to the efforts of designer Kazuki Kurashi, his designer’s touch has been remarkable, not only under his design firm with Hiroshi Fujiwara (known to many as fragment design), but also his overall ability to find the correct context whilst designing. This is arguably one of his greatest assets.

The Levi’s Platnium kzKLOT 505 is set to release on Friday, April 10th exclusively through JUICE in Hong Kong and will be sold via a lottery scheme. Tickets will be handed out starting at 11:00 am, with the winners able to claim their denim at 1:00 pm the same day. A suggested retail price is set at $3650 HKD (approximately $471 USD).

CLOT x Kazuki x Levi’s Platnium kzKLOT 505 Denim Release
Friday, April 10th @ 11:00 am
JUICE Hong Kong
53 Patterson St., 2/F A
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
P + 852.2881.0173

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