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September 15, 2009

MUTE97’s “Might Like You Better” Remixes by Robbed By Robots & Steve Ryback

I’m sure you know by now but here at MUTE97 we have recently aligned ourselves with two emerging artists ROBBED BY ROBOTS & STEVE RYBACK. Our first project was to tackle a remix competition for Amanda Blank’s “Might Like You Better” put on by DOWNTOWN RECORDS. Each artist definitely put their own take and spin on it, Robbed By Robots went for his new found love for that feel good disco sound and Steve Ryback put his signature heavy bass with a touch of fidget to it. Take a listen, download & please go and vote for our 2 artists. Your support is greatly appreciated.


Might Like You Better(Robbed By Robots DiscoRemix)
Might Like You Better(Steve Ryback Phat & Horny Remix)

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September 11, 2009

Chromeo – DJ Kicks series

First I want to credit the DJ Kicks series for reintroducing myself back into electronic music, it was actually the Erland Øye one that was released in 04 (Thank You Matt Boden). I have been a big fan ever since. Don’t get me wrong, electronic music was still in my blood but the “rave” was over and w/my age I had moved primarily back listening to indie, brit pop, classics & really all just the feel good timeless stuff.

Now back to DJ Kicks series, if some of you are unfamiliar with it, its a series put out by independent record label !K7 Records going back to 1995 by various contributors from Kruder & Dorfmeister, Nightmares on Wax, TIGA, Hot Chip & so many more.

For their latest installment, I was pretty thrilled to hear that Chromeo was doing the next series believe it or not, i’ve gone on record saying I’m not Chromeo’s biggest fan probably due to it being forced down our throat for a good amount of time but have the utmost respect for the duo for bringing back that funk & Zapp & Roger influenced sound that I grew up on. I just knew they would attack this project and give us something exciting and I was right! “French Quebec theme” is what they are calling it and it will have more a italo disco, french house, Quebec Funk(I have no idea what this is) vibe. I believe its available now or later this month. Check out the video & oh yea, the album comes w/a new track, an Eagles cover “I Can’t Tell You Why”

100% – Chromeo(Treasure Fingers Remix)

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September 9, 2009

P.O.S. – Purexed

A self-taught bassist, guitarist, keyboardist, and drummer, P.O.S. (which stands for a variety of things, including Product of Society, Piece of Sh*t, and Promise of Skill) spent most of his childhood influenced by the energy of punk. Can you hear it in this song? If you like this track check out his whole album Never Better.

P.O.S. – Purexed

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My Favorite Style Icon: Rachel Bilson

I am so excited it is finally time for Fall and Winter fashion. I am a girl who loves comfortable clothes but likes to be stylish at the same time; which is why I am a huge fan of Rachel Bilson’s chic comfortable style. She is so effortlessly fashionable and I absolutely love that. I especially love how she brilliantly layers her outfits; perfect for the upcoming season. She is definitely my go to girl when i need a little style inspiration. Log onto to view the latest photos of her perfectly put together outfits and also look for her column “Ask Rachel” in In Style magazine. I can’t wait to see what she puts together this season. Here are a few of my favorite Rachel outfits:

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Even my Moms likes Kid Cudi, from MUTE Fridays to the MTV VMAs?? WOW!!

So I did my daily visit to Hype Machine yesterday and of course clicked the popular tab and what did I see??

I don’t really even have words to describe this other than big ups to the dude..5 tracks or remixes that are in the top 11??? Everyone seems to want a piece of him!! It just seems like a couple of months ago he was rockin our weekly MUTE Fridays(pictures from the event here). Something tells me he won’t be doing our little Friday night party any time soon. Who would of thought a guest at MUTE Fridays would be someone appearing and nominated at the MTV VMA’s this year? I know I didn’t.

David Guetta – Memories ft. Kid Cudi

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September 2, 2009

DJ AM (March 30, 1973 – August 28, 2009)

As most of you know already Adam Goldstein aka DJ AM has left us few days ago, I didn’t know if I really wanted to post on this subject because to be honest, I didn’t really feel worthy too. I didn’t know DJ AM like many people in my circle of friends did but I do know what an impact he has had on some good friends of ours. I never had the honor booking him for one of our events but it was always something I knew wanted to do but wanted it to be special. There have been so many kind words which doesn’t surprise me but no death has really impacted our community the way DJ AM’s has. I’d thought I’d share some thoughts of people who were very close to Adam…

Matt Colon(BPM Magazine/Deckstar)

“I’ve never been one to be much bothered by death. Maybe it’s because I’m selfish. Or maybe I think it’s a natural occurrence and it’ll happen to all of us someday. Or maybe I take solace in the fact that ‘they’re in a better place’. But for some reason this time is different.

I’ve read all of the other thoughts on Adam’s passing, each one ringing as true as the next. He was a great friend. A mentor. An icon. And of course, the ultimate DJ. But none of those labels truly do him justice. One posting likened him to the Michael Jordan of DJs, and while that is true, he was so much more. As far as I’m concerned, he was the Michael Jordan of living.” (Click Here for more)

Pase Rock

“I don’t quite know how to put this into words. How does this little bubble called Earth exist without an Adam Goldstein? I can’t comprehend it. I want to send spirits of strength to his loved ones and all of his friends. What he meant to us as a person, nevermind even being DJ’s. But professionally, he was IT. He was our proof that what we do could be legitimate to the public. He silenced all the critics, dismissals and naysayers with music. A true student and teacher. Of all his accomplishments I know he was most proud of being able to help others.” (Click Here for more)

Mike B.

“First off I want to express the love I feel for Adam’s Mother, Sister and entire family. He was one of the best human beings I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing and my heart is with you all.

The last time I saw AM was 2 weeks ago at Banana Split. Everything was as it should’ve been and he played an amazing set to a packed room of sweaty screaming party people.
It was a party for The Dharma Initiative, a fake group of Doctors and Scientists from ABC’s Lost, which was his favorite TV show.
Over the last couple of seasons we had begun watching nearly every episode at his in home theater along with Matt Colon, Glenjamn, Kevin and Joy Scott , Niko Achtipes and some others. (The fact that he will be not be around to see the 6th and final season is haunting me.)” (Click Here for more)


“The DJ world just lost one of its brightest shining stars. As I type this less than 2 days after the fact, I’m still in disbelief. Perhaps last fall’s plane crash made us all recollect on how much we cared about him, but also made us feel that after such a close brush with death he was now here to stay. I wrote a post about it at the time. It’s unbelievably tragic to lose such a talented, kind and generous man just a few months later.” (Click Here for more)

DJ Hyphy Crunk

“I’m writing this at the dinner table of Adams remembrance, I couldn’t find the words for the longest time but we are all hear telling stories and looking over photos and I have it all inside of me right now and feel the words need to get out . . . I was getting filmed a second ago and really stumbled on my words because there was so much to say but I was told 45 to 60 seconds was the limit . . . Honestly would need days, months, if not years to go on about Adam and I only knew him for the last couple of months but that’s the impact he makes on people . . . One thing I want to point out is we lost The King of Djs, Kindness, Strength, Rock, Hip Hop, Pop, Electronic, Dance, Funk, Techno, Disco . . . And the list goes on!” (Click Here for more)

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Steve Ryback & Robbed By Robots – Amanda Blank’s “I Might Like You Better” remix

Just a quick update of what we have cookin in the studio. I can’t give any teasers at this time but our two fellas are about to drop two separate remixes of Amanda Blank’s “I Might Like You Better”. Of course they each will have their own take on the track, one being his in your face bass style and the other being the feel good disco sound. We are pretty pumped on this, also stay tuned for Robbed By Robots latest EP that will drop in the next month or so. In the mean time I will leave with a couple of my favorites.

Also be sure to check out their myspaces!!


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Let’s go back

I was hanging out at my grandma’s house the other day and somehow these songs came up between my uncles in a discussion. I had never seen the video’s to these songs but man these people have some style and hair dont’s. These go out to you SC. Check them out.

Jermaine Stewart – We don’t have to take our clothes off

The JETS – Crush On You (1986)

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Dj Troublemaker has been shooting some tracks over to us for the last few months. He has been working with our friends the 87 Stick Up Kids and we have liked most of what we heard. What he sent over today really caught my attention. It is a track that is supposed to be in the next installment of NBA LIVE from EA sports. It’s the only video game that I can beat all my buddies in. I think it’s a solid track for a solid video game.

Make sure to check out his website. Here!

Dj Troublemaker Remix- Matt and Kim- Daylight featuring De La Soul

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August 27, 2009

The Twelves: Poploaded Sessions

I’m sure by now a lot of you have heard about The Twelves, or at least have some of their tracks on your Itunes. These guys are the shit when it comes to getting super clean production, poppy melodies, and extra punchy “in your face” drums.

After cruising around youtube for a while I came across a series of videos they did, titled “Poploaded Sessions.” These videos showcase their semi live setup as well as their many talents.

The video shows some screen shots of their PC laptop and it is apparent they use Ableton Live for their main sequencing setup. It appears they use two midi controllers, one of them being an M-Audio Axiom 49, for their clip triggering, filter controls, crash cymbals and many other on the fly effects. The other midi keyboard (because it does not appear to be a hardware synth) is used for playing baselines, leads and effects via software synths.

The Twelves have such a clean sound in their production and it was very impressing to see this come across in their semi live set. Enjoy!

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