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MUTE97 and GRNAPPLETREE come together to plant seeds…..

Changing the landscape to inspire love, music, art, and fashion with a special party for “FRIENDS and LOVERS”!

Going down at Detroit Bar. 843 W 19th St Costa Mesa Ca

“Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without”

Join Us. Friday February 12th, 2010

Music Selection by:

Garth Trinidad heard nightly on KCRW 89.9

“Whatever the style, Garth speaks of viewing all music through the eyes of a child of classic hip hop, when the movement was nebulous. He hunts for pure sounds – dirty, sexy, raw, rhythmic, and dynamic, from classic rock, roots reggae, and samba, to jazz, electronica, hip hop, and house”

Recently DJ’d with Sade and Little Dragon. Two of my Favorites.

Listen to him on KCRW
His website is here.

J. Logic “Listen>Communicate>Teach”

Received as one of the top DJs in Los Angeles, and the brains and soul of such legendary events as Firecracker and Soundlessons. Thought of as purely a hip-hop DJ, began his evolution to unite and synthesize all styles and genres of music. This persistence and an intense need to create and integrate classic soul, house, drum and bass, broken-beat, dub-step, classic/indie rock and 80/90’s jams earned J-Logic, both the admiration and respect of his peers.

I’ve respected the events that he has been a part of for years.


Jam City Tourists – Japson and Y.O.O.K.S

Resident party rockers at an event thrown at The Crosby in Santa Ana. JAPSON is known to have a diverse style altering from his roots of Turntablism and flipping all genres of head banging music in the club atmosphere. Y.O.O.K.S known for his impeccable style of dress which is matched by his impeccable style of mixing and song selection from electronic to hip hop he keeps it flashy.

Fiero – DJ Nicky Savage; DJ/bassist Disco, For Your Health (Jeremy Giovinnavo); and guitarist Sam Aftermath

As DJ culture scratches the surface of 2010, cliché cuts and minute-made, software-produced mixes are slowly becoming outmoded. For evidence, look no further than Fiero, a local tribe of DJs and instrumentalists who combine old-school crate-digging with manmade musicianship and trippy visuals.

See what the OC WEEKLY said about them. HERE

Cancun Joey – The Hidden Gem

Not your typical Dj who seeks the limelight. He stays focused on the music and is climbing the ranks with his technical music style. Stay tuned.

Treats for all our “Friends and Lover”

Photobooth pictures by Visual Adhesive.

$5 with RSVP to or via FB event page
$10 without RSVP

This is the most excited I have been for a party in a long time. Working with GRNAPPLETREE CLOTHING who in the past we have thrown the most amazing parties with. Some DJ’s that have always provided the most amazing nights when I have been out partying and the people you see on a regular who always provide the party spirit. Here is the flyer. Stay tuned for an update with more info and some additions to the party.

It’s an intimate Super Party going down this week at Memphis in Costa Mesa.

This Friday we link up with a few select individuals to bring you Sharooz. The interesting thing about this line up is that most everyone isn’t just a DJ but also produces their own music as well. Lucky for you the party is only $5 all night.

Everyone kept asking what are we going to do December 31st. Looks like we found it. Filling up Detroit Bar with our friends and some of the wildest party people in the world. Make sure you don’t miss out.

The place to get wild at!! DETROIT BAR!! Pushing a mega champagne toast and lasers!!!

Leading the 2010 countdown:

Colossal KNXN
Listen to Boner Jams Mix 09 – Click here!

Mixing it up – Click here!

Listen to Keys to the Lamborghini Mix – Click Here!



Nicky Savage


Cancun Joey


It’s going to be an “EPIC NYE PARTY”.

Ourselves and the DJ’s all promise you the best celebration to end 2009 ever.

This Saturday our 2nd family Grn Apple Tree is having their yearly holiday sale. Goes from 8-3pm. 50-75% off. Visit for more info.

Robbed By Robots – Dress To Impress(Original track)

We have a montster night ahead of us.  It’s the one and only Mykal’s(fakeRICH) birthday celebration and we are doing it right by bringing in all the homies!!Plus its our official Holiday event..All takes place at Detroit Bar!!


Colossal Knxn
Kids At The Disco


MC’d BY:

JUST ADDED —- BIIIIZZZZZZ MARKIE!! Pretty awesome, I know!!

We are back!!! Told you in wouldn’t be too long even if its only for one night. This Friday we have co-signed again for the 2nd installment of the 80’s vs 90’s event. The first one was a huge success and left many of us hurting the next day, so we don’t expect anything less for this one.

Get ready for sounds of N.W.A. vs 2Pac or New Order vs Nirvana and we also encourage you to bring out those leather pants, L.A. Gears, jean jackets, spandex, scrunchies & Members Only jackets! I think you get the picture.

If it couldn’t get any better, we will have the infamous KOGI BBQ parked right out front with taco giveaways all night long.

Make sure you RSVP at and/or put on a themed outfit for a discounted entry.

Update—This will be our very last Mute Friday!! Please visit our blog for more details!! Yes, we are sad but it’s time. Great things must come to an end.

Why come to the MUTE Fridays & GOST Halloween party???

Hyphy Crunk
DJ Score
Photo Booth

Its gonna be one for the records books so don’t miss out on this one!!

October 23rd, 2009 – MUTE FRIDAYS is invaded by San Diego

This is somewhat of a 2.0 version of what occurred 3 weeks ago in San Diego but this time the SD boys are making the trip north!!

We are super pumped for this due to the fact over the last year we’ve grown quite close to these fellas!! I promise you someone is getting carried out!!

Between the 3 they have done some of the best nights in San Diego from Boys & Girls, Night Vision, Feel The Noise..etc!! I guarantee you they will bring the party vibe that has left many of us hurting the next day!!